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Drink Menu


Hurricane Sandy

fruity blend of light & dark rums

Hand Muddled Mojito (seasonal)

perfect blend of rum, mint & lime

Blue Heaven

blueberry-raspberry vodka, blue curacao

Cucumber Gimlet

cucumber vodka, lime, splash of pineapple

Moscow Mule 

Russian vodka blended with lime juice and Ginger beer

Spicy Margarita

spicy tequila & jalapeno


tropical blend of fruit juices & rums

Limoncello Collins

gin, mint & club soda


vodka, frozen berries & lemonade

Drunken Peach Palmer

peach vodka, lemonade & iced tea

Pink Senorita Lemonade

tequila, grenadine, salted rim

Coconut Margarita

toasted coconut rim

Mermaid Lemonade

a blue concoction of fruity vodkas

Spiced Honey Tea

Jack Daniels Honey, Fireball & Iced Tea

Salt in the Wound

clementine vodka, grapefruit juice, salted rim

Vanilla Ginger Snap

vanilla vodka & ginger beer

A** Kicker Punch

spiced & light rums, passion fruit juices, dark rum floater

Jumbo Margaritas

lime, mango, passion fruit or strawberry

Seaford Cooler

rums, cream of coconut, pineapple juice

Gin Blossom

gin, peach schnapps & sprite

Seaford Sunrise

vodka, oj, grapefruit & grenadine

Strawberry Mule

vodka, ginger beer, strawberry & lime

Clementine Cosmo

clementine vodka, cranberry splash of lime

Drunken Roy Rogers

cherry vodka & coke

Bikini Martini

coconut vodka, pineapple, oj with a splash of soda

Skinny Margarita

tequila on the rocks with a splash of sour, soda & agave syrup

Woo Woo

vodka, peach schnapps & cranberry

Hollywood Martini

vodka, blackberry liqueur

Cucumber Cooler

cucumber-lime vodka, pineapple, splash of soda


mango-pineapple vodka, cranberry juice & oj



after dinner liquid sweets $10

Thin Mintini

chocolate vodka, creme de menthe & chocolate syrup

Almond Joy-tini

coconut rum, amaretto & creme de cocoa

Toasted Coconut

coconut rum, frangelico, splash of pineapple

Strawberry Lemondrop

lemon drop martini with a twist of berry, sugar rim

Vanilla Creamtini

vanilla vodka, kahula & irish cream

Key Lime Martini

vanilla vodka, pineapple & lime juices

Pineapple Upside Down Martini

vanilla vodka, amaretto & pineapple juice

Irish White Russian

kahula, vodka & irish cream


salted caramel vodka, irish cream & caramel syrup

Butterscotch Baby vanilla vodka, buttershot schnapps & irish cream

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